This page just lists all the projects which I have been working or I am working on. Not all these projects are still active but they are listed here for the record - I have tried to add an image or link where it has been possible.


  • TVGuía - a quick, simple free app to show people the current and following TV programming. Currently only available in Spain.

Warzone Intel

  • Warzone Intel - an iOS and Android app where you can get stats, data and news for Modern Warfare game. Developed using C# with Xamarin Forms.

Hyper Smash Jump

  • Hyper Smash Jump - an Android and iOS game where you will jump over platforms and get maximum score. Developed using C# with Unity.

Epic Tower Redux

  • Epic Tower Redux - an iOS and Android game where you will drop boxes to build the highest tower. Developed using C# with Unity.

Tactical Instinct

TOCado, pero no hundido